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First Visit and Assessment  

Consists of a one hour medical assessment and treatment. This appointment will help determine the length of time required for any future treatments.

Repeat Visit 

A 30 minute routine treatment.

Repeat Visit 

A 60 minute routine treatment.


A 20 minute appointment for nail care or the treatment of a single problem area ie: a corn. (Note: the Pronto service is only offered to patients who have completed a First Visit Assessment) 

Medi Pedi

Please see other treatments for details

Diabetic Foot Assessment 

A 20 minute foot assessment using ultrasound to measure the amount of blood flow to the feet; together with a test to check for any loss of protective sensation. A full report of the assessment is provided.   

Verruca Treatment 

In this 30 minute session, liquid nitrogen and salicylic acid is used to freeze/thaw and destroy the skin cells affected by the verruca virus. After treatment, a sore blister will form, followed by a scab, which will detach 7-10 days later.

This usually takes 15- 20 minutes and can be painful. A semi-compressed felt pad is applied before the treatment to offload the affected area. Large verrucas usually need to be frozen a few times before they clear up. Treatments are usually spaced a week apart. 

Biomechanical Assessment 

Examines the manor in which feet function when weight bearing and non weight bearing as well as during gait. This test checks for abnormalities and possible causes of pain in the foot, ankle, knees and lower back. Insoles or orthotics may be recommended.


A liner for your footwear to correct walking and reduce common biomechanical problems such as heel pain, to relieve stress from injured areas and provide support to overloaded joints. A wide variety of customised orthotics and pre-fabricated orthotics are available. Price  varies.

 Nail surgery from 

A one hour appointment to remove the whole or part of the effected toe nail. A chemical called phenol is used to ensure the offending portion of nail does not grow back. Nail surgery without phenalisation is also provided and it is the preferred choice for patients with well controlled diabetes, undergoing steroid therapy, or who have mild peripheral arterial disease. Patients are assessed for suitability of surgery and referred to the hospital if deemed unsuitable.

Redressing appointments 

15-30 minutes for redressing the toe post nail surgery. Patients will be provided with dressings to use at home as well as a protective cover to wear in the shower.

Home visit

Treatment of your choice in the comfort of your own home for and additional fee. Please allow for a 30 minute travel period.