Corporate podiatry

The Beute Clinic

We are often told by many of our patients that it would be so lovely to have podiatry treatment while at work and not need to take time out of their day
or rush around before or after work, and we are finding that more and more businesses are introducing wellbeing programs for their staff. That is why we developed The Beute Clinic Corporate podiatry package where we offer on-site podiatry visits to your team.

This would include one of our podiatrists setting up a mini satellite clinic in a meeting room or other designated space and treating most common foot complaints during lunch or at another appropriate time in the day.

We are able to come over to your offices to check the suitability of this program and discuss options with you.

Health and safety information:

In regards to the treatment process, we carry out the following steps:

  1. Ensure there is enough space to work and for the patient to sit comfortably.
  2. Use aprons, one that we wear and one that goes on the floor to again prevent cross-contamination and creating a mess. These all get thrown out after each patient. We have disposable leg rest covers that we will use to also prevent cross-contamination.
  3. the footrest is wiped down with Clinell wipes after each patient.
  4. Each patient is treated using a sterile pack each time. The pack contains instruments and a tray which have been treated using an enzymatic cleaner and is placed through a wash cycle using a decontamination machine. This is like a dishwasher for surgical instruments and is widely used by the dental profession, one cycle takes 80 minutes and goes up to 90 degrees. The decontamination machine removes traces of dirt, debris, blood, fungal and viral organisms and other protein molecules. The instruments along with the holding tray are then placed in self-seal instrument bag/pouches and are placed in the autoclaves. This process now sterilizes the instruments whereas decontamination only cleans them. The pack is sterilized at a temperature of 134 degrees for 35mins as per national and professional guidelines. Once this step of the process is complete the packs are able to be transported and used.
  5. All clinical waste is removed from your site and is taken back to the clinic and disposed of using a clinical waste carrier
  6.  Any treatments which require use of a foot bowl is done so using single-use plastic liners in the foot bowl which are changed per person. Disposable paper towel is used to dry the feet.
  7. We wash hands before starting, and then subsequently use the clinell hand wipes/gel in between patients should no hand washing facilities be available.
  8. Single-use, disposable gloves are used for each person and are often changed multiple times during treatment.
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